New dialysis centre to be established in Sharjah

The Ministry of Health has partnered with Sharjah Islamic Bank to boost services for kidney patients

The Ministry of Health has joined forces with a leading bank to develop a new dialysis centre in Sharjah.

Health officials said the strategic partnership with Sharjah Islamic Bank would provide patients battling kidney disease with access to advanced care services to boost their quality of life.

The agreement was struck at the headquarters of Sharjah Islamic Bank by Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah, its chief executive, and Dr Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, director general of the Emirates Health Services Establishment.

Dr Al Serkal said the move was part of ongoing efforts to build links with other institutions across the country for the benefit of society.

The new centre supports the ministry’s plans to deliver comprehensive healthcare services and improve access to dialysis services.

He said the facility will help reduce the burden on patients and their families by cutting down waiting times, accommodating the increasing demand on medical services, and providing patients with a greater variety of healthcare services.

The official said the authority is bolstering its services for kidney patients across the Emirates, including the launch of a digital dialysis system allowing healthcare providers to monitor and manage home hemodialysis sessions remotely.

Mr Abdullah said the venture was in keeping with a nationwide vision to deliver innovative health care to patients.

"Our partnership with the ministry comes in line with the directives of the wise leadership to improve the health of the public and provide comprehensive and integrated health care based on innovative and sustainable ways that ensure community protection from diseases," he said.

An opening date for the new centre has not been disclosed.

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a way of cleaning your blood when your kidneys fail and can no longer do the job.

It gets rid of your body's wastes, extra salt and water, and helps to control your blood pressure. The main cause of kidney failure is diabetes and hypertension.

There are two kinds of dialysis — haemodialysis and peritoneal.

In haemodialysis, blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine that filter your blood and returns it to your body by tubes.

In peritoneal dialysis, the inside lining of your own belly acts as a natural filter. Wastes are taken out by means of a cleansing fluid which is washed in and out of your belly in cycles.