UAE customs catch passenger with $90,000 worth of diamonds in bowels

The smuggler swallowed bags of the valuable gems before his flight to Sharjah airport

A man who swallowed $90,000 worth of diamonds in an attempt to smuggle them into the UAE has been arrested.

The man, of African origin, was arrested at Sharjah International Airport with almost 300g of diamonds in his stomach, the Federal Customs Authority revealed on Thursday.

Officials were tipped off about the passenger and told he would try to smuggle precious stones.

On his arrival at the airport, the man had his passport seized. He was then taken to customs inspectors who searched his luggage and his body for the diamonds.

After the search came up clean, he was given a full-body X-ray which revealed strange objects in his stomach and bowels.

The man had swallowed three plastic bags filled with diamonds.

During questioning, the man, who works for a mobile phone company, admitted to visiting the UAE several times but said it was the first time he attempted to illegally bring in diamonds.

\He said that he was working with two other men from his home country and planned to sell the diamonds in the UAE.

Ali Al Neyadi, chairman of the FCA, commended the work of the customs officers.

“UAE’s customs officers are keen on protecting society members from all negative practices and stopping those who try to exploit the country to achieve illegal and quick profit by violating international laws,” he said.