Explained: where in Dubai you can eat during Ramada and where you can't

Cafes can serve food inside but not outside, while licensed hotels are allowed to open bars and restaurants throughout the day

Restaurants and coffee shops in Dubai cannot serve food or drinks outdoors during Ramadan fasting hours.

The Department of Economic Development confirmed the rules to The National.

“Outdoor dining during fasting hours is not allowed,” the authority said.

Diners at food outlets in malls or on street level should be seated indoors while they eat during fasting hours.

But special permission is granted to restaurants, bars and cafes within hotels, including on beaches.

Staff at various hotels confirmed guests were allowed to sit outside on their terrace for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the holy month.

The areas do not have to be screened off from public view, Dubai Municipality said.

During Ramadan, shisha cafes may operate from iftar until 4am, but cannot serve shisha during fasting hours.

Ahead of Ramadan, authorities said restaurants and cafes in Dubai were not required to serve food out of public view during fasting hours.

Previously, partitions were used to screen dining guests from passers-by.

The authority also announced that restaurants were no longer required to obtain a permit to serve food during fasting hours.

Updated: April 22, 2021 06:51 PM


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