Ramadan 2021: Dubai restaurants can serve food without screens or curtains

Officials say normal service can continue throughout the day

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Food outlets in Dubai are not required to serve food out of public view during fasting hours this year.

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (Dubai Economy) announced the decision on Sunday.

Screens and curtains that were previously used, particularly in malls, are no longer needed.

"Restaurants will be allowed to serve customers without putting in place curtains, dividers or facades as has been the mandatory practice previously," the authority said.

"Restaurants are also not required to obtain a permit for serving food to customers during Ramadan fasting hours.

"The new circular replaces circulars issued in previous years that have required restaurants to block dining areas from the sight of those who are fasting."

In the past, food and beverage outlets, including bars and restaurants in hotels, would remain closed until the fast was broken at sunset.

In recent years, those restrictions were lifted and food outlets typically remained open throughout the day. Even licensed premises and bars can open, as long as they ensure patrons are respectful, there is no live music and entertainment is kept to a minimum.