Coronavirus: UAE tests 127,000 people as a precautionary measure

The country has registered 0.8 Covid-19 cases per 1,000 individuals

The UAE government has ramped up coronavirus testing to contain the outbreak.

As of Tuesday, March 17, 127,000 people had been tested for the disease in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

The country has also conducted the maximum number of swab tests per capita.

So far, more than 13,020 tests have been carried out per one million people.

The UAE registered 0.8 Covid-19 cases per 1,000 individuals.

Authorities have mobilised action plans and coordinated with various authorities within the country to contain the outbreak.

All cases of coronavirus detected in the UAE can be traced to a confirmed carrier of the illness.

While there has been “local transmission” of cases within the country, according to the WHO, the sources of the infection had all been traced, the Ministry of Health said on March 7.

“Most confirmed cases were uncovered thanks to the early detection at entry points,” Dr Nada Al Marzouqi, a ministry spokesperson, said at a press conference on March 7, in response to a question about whether all cases could be traced to outside the UAE.

New screening measures have also been introduced at several places across the UAE.

Most public places have been closed to avoid large gatherings in the country.