From a good read to bad water: this week's Twitter roundup

Hugh Hefner gets a couple of camels in; Alec Baldwin endorses The National (and other news publications); Lil Wayne talks incoherent nonsense and much much more.
  • Working on my new book, "The Ten - Make That Nine - Habits of Highly Organized People. Actually Ten". Steve Martin, August 4


  • FUN FACT: "The average person tells 4 lies a day, and 1460 a year. A total of 88,000 by the age of 6. And the most common lie is I'm fine." Kelly Osbourne, August 4


  • I was gonna learn Tai chi but just saw "Anything Goes" and I'm switching to tap. Jane Fonda, August 7
  • Nintendo bosses are cutting their pay after a bad year. They know the rules, if you don't pick up enough gold coins, you don't get a bonus. Jimmy Carr, August 7


  • The Arabian Night's theme of the Midsummer Night's Dream party is complete with two camels in the front yard. Hugh Hefner, August 7


  • Buy and read a newspaper every day. In print or online, there is information in newspapers you will never get from other media. Alec Baldwin, August 8


  • "Not potable" what does that mean?? I spent the weekend brushing my teeth in not potable water! Ryan Seacrest, August 8


  • Just left Boardroom sk8park...shredded! Punked out on drop'n in on the 7 and a quarter ramp but I did land a fakie ollie up a ramp! Bedtime! Lil Wayne, August 8


  • I'd love it if Cameron starts hitting the rioters with a Duty Free size Toblerone!! Alan Carr, August 9

Published: August 11, 2011 04:00 AM