Sheikh Hamdan treats giraffe in touching wildlife video

The Crown Prince and a team of handlers are seen sedating the animal and trimming its long hooves, which can hamper their movement

The Crown Prince of Dubai led a team of handlers to sedate and treat a giraffe in a touching video shared on social media.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed and the wildlife specialists are seen shooting the animal with a dart gun as it roams through what is thought to be a reserve in the Dubai desert.

They then pull the creature to the ground with ropes and went to work clipping its overgrown hooves with a small buzzsaw.

It immediately leaps up after being treated and happily runs off. The Crown Prince is seen holding a piece of the huge hoof.

In the wild, the hooves tend to wear off naturally, depending on the ground the creature runs on, but in an enclosure or on sand, they need to be cut back.

"Today our conservationist team did a great job trimming this giraffe’s hooves. Well done!" he wrote on Instagram.