Spanking accused blames narrow aisles at shop

Defence argues that some 'rubbing' was inevitable when shop aisles are so narrow.

ABU DHABI // The lawyer of a man accused of spanking two women in a children’s clothes shop told a court that “some rubbing” was inevitable at the shop as the aisles are so small.

Fayza Moussa, who is defending the Egyptian man, B M, said she had visited the shop.

“The aisles were extremely narrow and it is natural for some rubbing to occur between shoppers,” she said.

The accused claimed the women had tried to blackmail him by demanding Dh700,000 to withdraw their accusations, then offered him a discount of Dh400,000.

He said he had gone to the shop to buy clothes for his daughter and while shopping he was surprised to hear the a woman, also from Egypt, scream and say he spanked her.

“I was 10 metres away from her,” he said.

Security guards asked them to go to the administrator’s office, where he said he was surprised to find a second woman accusing him of the same offence.

Police arrived 10 minutes later and arrested him.

Ms Moussa asked for CCTV footage to be obtained and shown to the court. The case was adjourned until October 22 for the women to give evidence.

Published: October 13, 2013 04:00 AM