Coronavirus: thousands of hotel rooms donated to Abu Dhabi health workers

Rooms will be used by medical personnel and support staff who need place to isolate away from families

A group of hotels and a school have donated more than a thousand rooms to the Abu Dhabi government to support its fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The 1,030 rooms were donated to Ma'an’s "Together we are Good" programme, which encourages businesses and members of the public to contribute anything they can to support health workers.

Hotels that donated rooms and suites include the Millennium Group, Royal Rose, City Seasons, Park Rotana, Ayla in Al Ain, Millennium Capital Gate.

The International Academic School also contributed classrooms.

The rooms will be used by medical personnel and support staff who are on standby for urgent cases and need a place to isolate themselves away from their families.

More than 1,000 medical staff are expected to benefit.

Millions of dirhams have been donated to the drive, as well as medical equipment, buildings and warehouses.

Companies have also offered programmes and specialised skills to help people who have been harmed by the virus.

Bin Ham Group offered hotel rooms including free meals and room service for medical staff.

"During this unprecedented time in our nation, it is a natural gesture to step in and offer our resources to the medical professionals who are working tirelessly and sacrificing their own needs for the greater good,” said Ahmed Al Amri, vice president and founder of City Seasons Hotels.

"The medical community is truly a heroic one, now and always.

"Their spirit will not go unnoticed and we are pleased to offer support by extending our hospitality to them during this trying time."

Amal Yousif, a staff nurse, said she and her colleagues were grateful for the “insurmountable support” they have received from companies and the public since the outbreak.

“The campaign proves that resilience, solidarity and social responsibility are all aspects instilled in members of our society, and for that we feel safe knowing we can come together as one in even the most challenging of times," Ms Yousif said.

People wishing to contribute can send text messages to 6670 (Dh1,000), 6678 (Dh500), 6683 (Dh100) and 6658 (Dh50).

They can also call 8005-MAAN for volunteering and in-kind and financial contributions above Dh1,000, or send messages on WhatsApp to 054 305 5366.

Transfers can also be made through First Abu Dhabi Bank using the Iban number AE100351011003988349032.