Secretariat, Frankel and the top 10 race horses in history - in pictures

We pick the best equines that have graced the sport

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We have a fair bit of idea about the best footballers, tennis players and cricketers of all time. But have you given any thought to the best race horses in history? They are participants in sport after all.

And just like other sports, it is always challenging to compare thoroughbred race horses from different eras.

It is even harder to narrow it down to 10 all-time equine luminaries because there is no objective system to measure the abilities of different generations of race horses in an industry that spans more than three centuries.

Even so, we have tried to compile a list of top 10 race horses of the modern era based on the number of Group/Grade 1 victories and the legacy they have left behind.

Above is a picture gallery of the top 10 race horses. To view the next image, click on the arrows or simply swipe. Horses placed in no particular order.