Step aside, Drake: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah turns rap star in new commercial

Egyptian football superstar releases advert with Exxon Mobil

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As one of the biggest superstars in sport, there is little wonder why major companies have lined up to be associated with Liverpool and Egypt footballer Mohamed Salah.

Salah is one of the faces for adidas, appearing in commercials alongside Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and Paul Pogba, and he teamed up with Messi again to shoot a series of Pepsi adverts.

Salah is also associated with Electronic Arts, Vodafone, and Uber, but of all his advertising campaigns, it is the new commercial he shot with Exxon Mobil Egypt that might be the most original.

In the majority of commercials starring Salah, an element of football is incorporated into the shoot. However, there is not a a football in sight in his new Exxon Mobil ad as Salah turns rap star to promote the oil and gas company.

Other people feature in the commercial with their own verses, but Salah is the star, rapping at a petrol station, in front of a lowrider, and even while sat at a log fire.

Do rap stars like Drake, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar have anything to worry about? Is Salah the next king of the mic?

Watch it below and judge for yourself:

We have even translated the entire song, so English-language viewers can follow along:

0:10 Salah:

I'm not here to tell about my beginnings, my life, and my story,
And how I've become successful and how I have achieved fame.
Each one of you is successful. In my view, this is the truth.
You are [have] a 100 million stories which ought to be told first.

0:21 Man 1: (van driver)

My day has just started and seems peaceful,
But it's still going to be a long day.
I have a transport request from Al Maadi (most famous area in Cairo)
To Suez then Bardawil (lake in Egypt).
I'll dress lightly if it's hot, warmly if it's cold.
If it rains, I'll layer up.
No matter the circumstances,
Never will I say it's impossible.

0:32 Salah:

(speaking of mothers)

She’s always on the go, her day runs like the Olympics.

0:35 Mother:

I take care of my house, family and children.
I got dressed in chic style, I am well-groomed for I have a birthday party to attend.
Friends' gathering is important, they always show up on time.

0:43 Man 2 (in Mobil service center)

I've picked up my cousin from the airport, he was in Sweden,
I'll take him [home] then come back to collect him from Al Sa'id (upper Egypt).
During our trip, we have agreed
To take on a new project.
We have [indeed] started, life is beautiful and our business is growing.

0:55 Salah and others:

A 100 million people are moving in different directions
Each has a story about his success in life.

1:06 Man:

I travel on the road and I greet with the [sound of] sirens (of his truck).
I spend the night on the road, I eat and sleep in the cabin (of the truck).
The queue is long and we are worn out at the Mina [port],
The [Our] punctual arrival will make the ship move [sail/embark].

1:16 Salah:

He said he had bought a new car and decided he’ll pay in instalments.

1:19 Taxi driver:

To pay off the car instalments, I save up
By taking 100 trips a day.
I take care of my car and never do I engage a client in conversation.
All my clients love me and rate me five stars.

1:27 Salah:

A 100 million people are moving in different directions
Each has a story about his success in life.

1:35 (voice)

Besides their story, there are 100 million others.
Mobil moves millions.