Queuing system a must at bus and taxi stands

A reader calls for implementing a queuing system at taxi and bus stops. Delores Johnson / The National
A reader calls for implementing a queuing system at taxi and bus stops. Delores Johnson / The National

Abu Dhabi city is looking much more beautiful these days with more cycle tracks, walkways, places to sit and relax as well as children’s play areas. What we need now is a queuing system for bus and taxi passengers at every station. I routinely see passengers fighting among themselves to board the bus or taxi first.

There should be proper signs, instructions and marks that will compel people to honour the queuing system.

It’s not that these people are not educated. But they disregard the system in the absence of any guidelines or mechanism.

Abu Dhabi Mall Cooperative taxi stand is an example of an efficient system. This should happen across the city.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Brotherhood must be avoided

For an organisation that believes that order should come out of chaos, moderation is an oxymoron (The Brotherhood must not be seen as moderates, February 13).

Nations will do well to keep the Muslim Brotherhood at arm’s length. The UAE is the wisest and way ahead in its farsightedness.

Name withheld by request

UAE and US aren’t similar

The comparison between the UAE and the United States in terms of attracting talent is flawed (Visa reform aimed at keeping top talent, February 7). A talent will soon understand after arriving in this country that there is no future prospect of integration, while in the US talents live an actual American dream that is achievable.

Also, talents arrive in the US mostly as students who do not integrate as future citizens, but integrate academically and technically. Talents need to dream, be challenged and foresee the future. Unfortunately, the UAE only offers money and, to be fair, a safe and widely entertaining lifestyle.

Jehad Makhoul, Dubai

The article did not give any details regarding the new visa system. I am eager to know about them.

Anna Gonzales, Dubai

It sounds as if the new system may be moving towards an “initial to permanent” option. In some countries you work on a visa for a period of say five years, then have the option to apply for residency which is what expatriates have been asking for a long time.

However, the issue with many isn’t the visa system, it’s the employer. Until more rigid systems are put in place to safeguard employees and abolish the constant threat employees face of being fired and having their visas cancelled immediately, any changes to the visa system are irrelevant. Job security should be the priority here. Then you’ll get people to stay.

Sam Clarke, Dubai

Why didn’t you highlight the limitations of the existing visa system due to which the new system had to be introduced?

Mohamed Naeem, Abu Dhabi

Progressives are new fascists

It is an irony that progressives are calling Donald Trump’s supporters people filled with hate (In a Trump town, supporters puzzled by all the hate, February 12).

In reality, it’s the left-wing progressives who are physically attacking Trump supporters and destroying property as they try to shut down free speech. It’s the progressives who are the new fascists.

Chris Reid, Dubai

Published: February 13, 2017 04:00 AM


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