Lost Dubai mall boy deserves to grow up in safe environment

I write to you in reference to Salam Al Amir’s article Dubai’s lost mall boy may be placed with foster family until his parents are found (issue 16)

This piece about a boy who was found abandoned at the Al Reef Mall was sad to read.

Despite the sincere efforts by mall goers and shopkeepers to find the boy’s parents, they are still nowhere to be seen.

Legal experts have said the boy could be handed over to a foster family until his parents are found.

This little boy who lost his parents in the mall deserves to have a normal life and a loving family. I am entirely confident that the Dubai Police is capable of locating his parents and handing over the boy to them.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Books should be read instead of being used as decoration

I write to you in reference to Rupert Hawksley’s article You can’t always judge a book by its cover – or the shelf it’s standing on (September 16).

Good article. Using books as decoration only makes for a sad trend.

Scott Birch, Manama

I must confess I am poorly read. Or, more aptly, poor and not richly read. The author fails to make the connection between books and the amount of money one has in his pockets. I would love to read and display a set of classics at home, if I could afford to.

Venu Menon, Fujairah

Water management is an immense challenge for nations in war zones

I refer to your editorial UAE ready for innovation in area of water management – this is not a pipe dream (September 15).

Large scale urbanisation plans do not take into consideration adequate measures to safeguard natural resources.

This will give cause for further concern unless it is addressed in the right way.

There is a push for protecting natural reserves and promoting sustainability.

Frictions and conflicts will further deteriorate the situation, as recurring shortages of fresh water has already become a concern for many countries suffering from civil unrest.

Therefore more awareness and control measures need to be put in place to best utilise our natural resources and countries in this region can certainly plan a key role to make that happen.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat

Updated: September 17, 2019 09:13 PM


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