Education is a shared responsibility

Educating future generations is everyone’s responsibility, a reader says. Antonie Robertson / The National
Educating future generations is everyone’s responsibility, a reader says. Antonie Robertson / The National

Investment in quality teachers and high turnover are only part of the problem (Poor schools fail 20,000 children, April 26). Another is parents, who often take their children out of school for extended holidays and do not monitor their homework.

Education is a community effort and all stakeholders must share the responsibility of educating future generations.

Anita Welch, Abu Dhabi

A genuinely helpful column

Your Money & Me column is incredibly helpful for spendthrifts like me. I am sure it makes a lot of young people think twice before spending money on unnecessary items and makes them aware of the consequences of relying on credit cards. For about a decade I read another newspaper and decided to switch my loyalty to The National only two years ago. I don’t regret my decision.

As a reader, may I request you to introduce an Android app, which I think will increase your readership. I wish you all the best.

Arun Vijay, Dubai

An instance of a mammoth error

Peter Hellyer’s opinion article A mammoth error and a few woolly half-truths (April 26) reminded me of my visit to the “biggest dinosaur exhibition” in the world at Times Square (they really advertised it as such). Hardly any of the dinosaurs had the correct names or descriptions. It was comical to say the least.

Lisa Justice, Dubai

Can illegal taxis be regulated?

I love the way something “illegal” is being discussed as “legal” in terms of trying to regulate unlicensed taxis (Illegal taxis also need regulation, April 26).

I thought the word illegal implied breaking the laws of the country. Plus it doesn’t just exist in Dubai and Sharjah, there are plenty in Al Ain too.

Name withheld by request

That is a contradiction: they are illegal, hence outside regulation. The moment you regulate them, they are no longer illegal.

Hans Jacobs, Dubai

What happens if they have an accident? They can’t claim as they won’t have insurance. They are illegal if they aren’t registered.

Willie Bonner, UK

We encountered this last year in Nashville. The driver claimed he was an Uber driver and then when we arrived at our destination he said: “Cash only”.

Our hotel desk clerk arranged for this “taxi”.

Joyce Jesmer Wilson, US

Challenge over Driverless cars

Dubai’s plan to introduce driverless cars is exciting (Driverless vehicles test run in Dubai, April 26). They are probably safer than human driven vehicles. But the question is how comfortable the average person will be to hand over the controls to a robot? The biggest challenge would be to convince people about their safety and reliability.

Name withheld by request

Good news on serviced flats

Many people prefer serviced apartments during holidays, as they are more convenient (Azizi launches its first serviced apartment project in Dubai, April 20).

This is why the launch of serviced apartments in Dubai is wonderful news.

Tara Anne, Dubai

Published: April 26, 2016 04:00 AM


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