The Decoder: Graff Hallucination

At Dh202,015,007, what makes the Graff Hallucination the most expensive watch to have ever been made?
The Graff Hallucination timepiece. Courtesy: Al Manara International
The Graff Hallucination timepiece. Courtesy: Al Manara International

Here’s what makes this Dh202,015,007 watch, which was unveiled at Baselworld 2014, tick

- The ladies timepiece is crafted from exceptionally rare multicoloured diamonds, put together to create what is estimated to be the most valuable watch ever made.

- Made up of over 110 carats of diamonds ranging from clear yellow to bright pink, the Graff Hallucination is what chairman Laurence Graff calls a “sculptural masterpiece; a celebration of the miracle of coloured diamonds”.

- Each stone was selected by the gemologists at the London-based jeweller’s flagship shops in Knightsbridge and on New Bond Street. It then took the master craftsmen thousands of hours to put the handmade timepiece together.

- A world leader in rare and important diamonds, including the “potentially flawless” 24.78 carat Graff Pink and the world’s 15th largest rough diamond, The Lesotho Promise, Graff is famous for creating unique, handcrafted jewels. This watch features diamonds from Laurence Graff’s personal collection.

Published: May 1, 2014 04:00 AM