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As a frequent opinionator on all things mobile, in this blog and the pages of The National, it is my duty to the reading public to declare my long, beautiful relationship with the iPhone has come to an end. You taught me about the mobile internet, iPhone, and for that I will never forget you. But we've both changed, and it is time to go our separate ways.

Due to Apple's looming digital tyranny, on which I have railed against on many platforms, I am now the owner of a Google Nexus One.

1152-Resist Fascism-thumb-550x452.jpg

The custom engraving, one of the coolest things about

, comes from a line originally said by a Welsh coal miner to his brother, in explaining why he was giving up the simple life in Wales to travel to Spain and

. It was popularised by the wonderful Manic Street Preachers reflection on resisting tyranny -

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next


First reflections on 24 hours of Nexus One use? The screen is easily the best I have ever seen, and makes the iPhone look awful when placed side-by-side. Ridiculously quick browser and generally just quick all over. Some funky - and quite geeky - software touches (Google Goggles is the coolest mobile app since Shazam).

On the downside, the keyboard isn't a scratch on the iPhone, and the hardware has some weird kinks. The little row of virtual buttons along the bottom just doesn't work properly, and it's hard to imagine how Google could not have noticed this during testing. And the weird trackball at the bottom is completely useless - as in, there is no conceivable reason for ever using it. It has one possible use - to wake the phone up when the screen is sleeping, as the iPhone's one button does - and for some unfathomable reason, it doesn't do that.

Regardless, sometimes in the great fight against evil, men must make unfortunate alliances. The anti-fascist resistance in Spain was allied with Soviet communism, and the Nexus One is firmly allied with a Google-centric worldview that could become every bit as bad as Apple. But for now, it feels good to be here.