Parody Twitter account mocks gender roles with 'Scientist' and 'Male scientist' T-shirts

The social-media account run by comedians portrays men the way women are depicted by society

When the first image of a black hole ever taken was released on April 10, so was the name Katie Bouman, a scientist and member of the team running Event Horizon Telescope, which captured the moment.

What also followed was an over-use of the term "female scientist" to describe the young woman.

Headlines around the world billed the 29-year-old academic thus. But when was the last time you read about a group of young male scientists? You probably haven't, it is just assumed.

It is exactly this assumption that parody Twitter account @manwhohasitall is playing on.

The Twitter account has released a series of 'Hers and His' T-shirts that poke fun at assumed gender roles. They are emblazoned with "scientist" and "male scientist", "politician" and "male politician", "journalist" and "male journalist", "academic" and "male academic" ... you get the gist.

"Whether it's for you or your mister, we know you'll find something you love in this complementary Hers and His collection of awesome products from the Man Who Has It All," the website reads.

A deeper dive into the clothes available on the site, sees a section of T-shirts for girls with slogans like, "Genius in the making", "My mummy is faster than your mummy" and "Girls will be girls: brave, adventurous, strong".

The boys selection reads: "Fashion icon", "Sparkle all the way" and "Boys will be boys: kind, caring, thoughtful".

They further mock the gender bias with "Crazy cat gentleman" and "I'm too handsome to do Maths" T-shirts for men.

Origins as a comedy Twitter account 

The long-running account has gone viral in the past for its gender-flipped quips. As it puts it itself: it aims to "mock the patriarchy. We have created a wonderful satirical world, where women tell and own the jokes."

Sentences like: "My friend is a history teacher. She's compiling a list of great historical figures and she needs a male to add to the list. Suggestions?"

Other recent Tweets include: 

The Twitter account also released a book in 2016, called From Frazzled to Fabulous: How to Juggle a Successful Career, Fatherhood, 'Me-Time' and Looking Good. 


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