Grant will help Western Region in every way

A reader says meticulous planning and investment can bring the Western region on par with Dubai and the rest of Abu Dhabi. Other letter topics include: Iraq, language, Australian visa, cancer, cinema.
A reader says infrastructure investments in the Western Region will open up its vast potential. Silvia Razgova / The National
A reader says infrastructure investments in the Western Region will open up its vast potential. Silvia Razgova / The National

All of us must try to preserve the world's languages

I am really glad someone is paying close attention to this phenomenon (Pride, culture and history ... all in a manner of speaking, May 18).

All over this planet ancient languages, now spoken by a few hundred people, or even fewer, are rapidly disappearing altogether as standards of living rise and more people join a global community that shares one common language.

As this happens, of course we lose a vital key to cultural kinship and prehistoric migration patterns. But even the poorest countries have the technical and financial wherewithal to electronically record and preserve these languages for future study.

The Sahara and Arabia are central to this matter, since we are quite sure that early man migrated from Africa.

Thomas Bleser, US

End the cycle of violence in Iraq

I refer to the news article 86 die in Iraq's day of bloodshed (May 21).

It's extremely sad that more than a decade after the US invasion, Iraqis are unable to live a normal life.

I am sure the number of casualties in the latest violence will increase. Living in Iraq must be a nightmare. I wonder when this scenario will change for the better.

K Ragavan, India

Western Region has great potential

I am glad to know that the Western Region will get fresh investment (Western Region to get raft of new projects, May 21).

The Western Region does not have many things. It needs good roads, shopping malls, hospitals, transport facilities, restaurants and schools. Apart from all that, one big problem is that there are not enough petrol stations. Sometimes we have to travel a long distance to find a filling station. Once my car ran out of fuel and I could not find a petrol station nearby. Finally, I had to call my friends to help me out.

This money will be really useful to develop the basic infrastructure in this region.

People who visit the UAE usually go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sharjah is also popular. But few people visit the Western Region in Abu Dhabi, which has great tourism potential.

Meticulous planning and investment can bring this region on par with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Development will also create jobs. This grant will prove to be a boon in every way.

Abbas Naqvi, Ras Al Khaimah

Emiratis deserve visas more quickly

It's heartening to know that Emirati students will not have to wait for three months for an Australian visa (Australian visa rules eased for students, May 20).

So many Emiratis visit Australia each year, and vice versa. Those Emiratis include students who need visas quickly. Cutting the waiting time to 14 days will really benefit them.

According to the Australian ambassador, Pablo Kang, 1,040 Emiratis were studying in Australia last year. The year before that, 20 per cent of all Emirati overseas students studied in Australia, he said. The number is significant.

This move will also help Australia to boost tourism revenues. Emiratis are big spenders in any country, and Australia must keep that in mind. Also, Emiratis enjoy the advantage of visa-free travel to so many countries. Australia also should allow them to do so.

As far as the UAE is concerned, it gives easy access to people from so many countries, including those from Australia. It's time that Australia reciprocates.

Cyrus, Abu Dhabi

Prevention is the best solution

Angelina Jolie and Sharon Osborne are an inspiration to all women (Opinion mixed over Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, May 15). Health is most important. Looking at my best friend fight this killer disease and undergo chemotherapy, I think all women should go for tests. Prevention is the best solution.

Mihaela Soar, New Zealand

Make no noise at cinema, please

I agree with the opinion expressed in the letter Stop making noise at cinemas (May 17). People pay money to watch a movie. So they have every right to object to those who make noise.

Sometimes people come to watch movies with their babies in their arms. There are also those who do not bother to go out and talk when their mobiles ring in the middle of a movie.

Every moviegoer must make sure that he or she does not disturb others. Cinema managements should also be strict with their rules and supervise more closely.

Mike, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 22, 2013 04:00 AM


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