Sheikh Hamdan shares new images that celebrate his love of photography and travel

Crown Prince of Dubai is a keen photographer and traveller

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Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, is a keen jet-setter, documenting his travels with a selection of his photos via Instagram, and now he's giving fans a peek behind the scenes of his photography.

Fazza, as he's affectionately known, posted nine photos to his Instagram account at the weekend, showing him taking shots across the world, including from some precarious spots.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, he simply captions the gallery with the camera emoji.

In the first shot, he's seen sitting by a body of water with a large camera, which he's holding with both hands, with underwater shooting capabilities.

In the second, he's pensively surveying the scene beneath from his perch aboard what appears to be a helicopter, soaring over a city, which we can guess is Dubai, cloaked in mist.

In another shot, he is hanging out of a plane or helicopter, taking shots from above The World Islands, a manmade archipelago in Dubai. A yellow label marked "Fazza" is also visible.

He's also seen squatting on a rocky, mountainous landscape, surrounded by greenery and feeding an apple to an elephant, although where exactly these photos were taken is not clear.

In his last shot, he's lying on the grass, shooting from ground-level across a water expanse to the mountains beyond.

His collection of cameras and lenses is also on show, with a different one in almost every photo. His brands of choice appear to be Canon and Sony, with big zoom lenses and those better for wide-angle shots.

This summer, Sheikh Hamdan has been treating fans to glimpses of his travels, particularly across the UK, where he was spotted shooting in Yorkshire, riding the Tube in London and pushing his twins, Sheikh Rashid and Sheikha Shaikha, in a park with his father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

Sheikh Hamdan also went viral in July, after he stopped to take pictures with fans who spotted him in his car in the UK capital.

The video was posted by Ahmad Jaber Al Harbi, a friend and regular travel companion of the Crown Prince, and was captioned: "When a Dubai resident spotted @faz3 in #London".

Sheikh Hamdan is known for his love of adventure, often jetting off to new destinations and has been spotted spearfishing, skydiving, cycling, climbing, horse riding and much more in far-flung locations.

Earlier this year, he shared more photos of some of these travels to Instagram, showing him puffin-spotting on Scotland's remote Isle of May, off the country's east coast; in the Maldives casually dressed and sitting in front of an overwater villa, surrounded by the Indian Ocean; and in Mongolia, dressed in a powder blue kandura, pouring tea al fresco with the country's rolling plateaus as a backdrop — to name a few.

Scroll through the gallery below to see more of Sheikh Hamdan's travels

Updated: September 18, 2022, 10:47 AM