Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary: Questions remain after final instalment

Here's a look at questions left unanswered in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s documentary series

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As the last three episodes of Prince Harry and wife Meghan's tell-all series hit Netflix, some may be left with questions after finishing the last instalment.

What did Prince William say when he allegedly screamed and shouted at Prince Harry?

Prince Harry has not revealed the details but said he was terrified when his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, summoned King Charles III — who was Prince of Wales at the timePrince William and Prince Harry to Sandringham in January 2020 to resolve the Megxit crisis.

“It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and sort of take it all in,” the Duke of Sussex said.

The tense meeting came after the Sussexes issued a statement saying they wanted to step back as senior royals.

How have Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Prince William and the rest of the royal family responded?

The palaces have declined to comment on the claims made in the series.

It has been business as usual for the royal family after the series began to air, and they have carried on with their duties, including preparing for the Princess of Wales’s carol concert on Thursday evening.

The king appeared in good spirits when he and Queen Consort Camilla visited a London community kitchen at the centre of a new farm project and wished volunteers a happy Christmas.

What did King Charles say that Prince Harry claimed was untrue?

Prince Harry said he heard his “father say things that just simply weren’t true” at the Sandringham gathering but did not elaborate on what they were.

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Why was Prince Harry not allowed to be 'half in, half out' of the royal family?

Prince Harry said he chose the third of five options presented to him at the meeting. The option was “half in, half out” of the royal family but he said it quickly became clear it was actually “not up for discussion or debate”.

Supporting the queen while earning their own money is likely to have caused a conflict of interest for the Sussexes and led to accusations they were profiting from their royal connections.

But some may wonder why it was presented to Prince Harry if it was not a viable option.

Why was Prince Harry not asked permission for the issuing of a joint statement denying Prince William bullied him?

Prince Harry said he was never asked about a joint statement, from him and his brother, which was released hours after the meeting denouncing a story saying Prince William had bullied him.

He has branded the move a “lie to protect my brother”.

The statement followed a story in The Times, which said a source claimed Prince Harry and Meghan “regarded themselves as having been pushed away by what they saw as a bullying attitude” from Prince William.

What did Prince William’s text to Prince Harry after the Oprah interview say?

The duke is seen holding up his phone to show Meghan a text from Prince William the day after their Oprah interview aired and right after Buckingham Palace issued a statement in response.

In the sit-down chat, the Sussexes had accused an unnamed royal family member of making a racist remark about their unborn son, the institution of failing to help a suicidal Meghan, and Kate of making Meghan cry before her wedding.

It is not known what the text said but whatever it was shocked Meghan and upset Prince Harry.

Meghan replies “wow” as she looks at the screen, while Prince Harry screws up his eyes, puts his hands behind head and says: “I wish I knew what to do.”

The duchess hugs her husband and says: “I know. Let’s take a breather, get some air and decide.”

The exchange was filmed by the documentary crew.

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Who told Meghan she could not text photographs to her friend?

Meghan suggests the royal household, which would have been Kensington Palace, told her not to text photographs to a friend and controlled “everything”.

It is not clear if Meghan is referring to aides such as a private secretary or her communications team at the time.

Why do they still have their titles?

Prince Harry said he wrote to his father saying he and Meghan would relinquish their Sussex titles if a move to Canada did not work out.

Peerages can only be removed fully by an act of parliament but Prince Harry and Meghan could decide not to use their titles.

Prince Harry was made the Duke of Sussex by his grandmother on his wedding day.

The Sussexes stopped using their “HRH” style after stepping down as senior working royals in 2020 but they still retain it.

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What does Prince Harry miss about life in the UK?

Prince Harry said he misses “the weird family gatherings”, in which the royal family were brought together under one roof, as well as missing the country in general and his friends.

He admitted: “I’ve lost a few friends in this process as well” but did not name them.

What do the Sussexes have left to say?

There could be much more. Prince Harry’s book, Spare, is out in January and could contain damaging revelations about his relationship with Prince William and King Charles.

The pair have not named the royal family member they accused of making a racist remark about son Archie, but footage was played in the documentary of Prince Harry telling Oprah he would never share that conversation.

Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry remarked in episode six, speaking about Meghan’s appearance in her Oprah interview: “When I watched it I thought, ‘There is so much more she could have said but because she’s such a classy, elegant woman, she didn’t’.”

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