WATCH: Door trouble adds to British Prime Minister's Brexit sorrows

Theresa May left German Chancellor Angela Merkel waiting as a door malfunction trapped her in an apparent Brexit metaphor

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It has been a tough week so far for British Prime Minister Theresa May, but on Tuesday the feeling that her luck really has run out might have set in.

As the Prime Minister's car arrived to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, an aide tried to open the door, but the door didn't want to be opened.

While the bemused German Chancellor stood waiting, Mrs May's driver, stuck half in, half out of the car searched frantically for the door release button.

Eventually, the door was opened and a relieved Mrs May emerged to greet Mrs Merkel.

The Prime Minister was in Germany for emergency talks on the terms of Britain's Brexit deal.

After cancelling a vote on the deal on Monday, Mrs May is on a whistle-stop tour of European leaders to renegotiate the terms of the tricky "backstop" issue, which subjects Northern Ireland to European Union regulations if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Critics say it will lead to indefinite EU rules on the UK.

She also met European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

As expected, the clip of Mrs May's car trouble caused endless joy for those on social media.


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One exasperated user's trust in the Prime Minister finally started to fade.

While another speculated it might not have been a malfunction after all.

And the analogies to the UK's predicament in leaving the EU seemed to work perfectly.

The whole event seemed too ridiculous to be true.

While others could not help but note the Prime Minister's unending misfortune.

And once again, the UK seemed to be a punchline.