Two men arrested for stealing cars to sell for parts

The men operated out of Ajman, but stole cars from across the UAE

Two men who are accused of stealing cars from across the country to dismantle and sell for spare parts have been arrested by Ajman Police.
Maj Ahmed Saeed Al Nuaimi, director of Ajman Police's Criminal Investigations Department, said they received several theft reports, with the last being lodged by an Asian man whose company car was stolen from in front of his home. 
"The car belonged to the company I work for. I parked it and locked it. No one has the keys but me and there is no other set of keys," the Asian man told police.
A team of investigators was formed and managed to link a man to the latest car theft. The man then tipped them off that his brother had also been involved, after which both men confessed that they had carried out five car thefts in Ajman, and more in other emirates.
They admitted stealing the cars, dismantling them and then selling them for spare parts.

Both were referred to the public prosecution.