Watch: Ajman Police video shows trail of destruction caused by rule-breaking drivers

Social media video shows six accidents caused by unsafe lane switching

Police in Ajman shared shocking footage of a trail of destruction left by a series of car crashes caught on camera to highlight the stark consequences of recklessly changing lanes without warning.

The dramatic car-crash carnage released on social media shows drivers veering suddenly from one lane to another, cutting off vehicles at high speed, before ploughing into other vehicles.

Police said careless motorists were risking their lives and those of others by flouting traffic laws.

They called on drivers to respect the rules of the road and to avoid distractions such as using mobile phones when behind the wheel.

Police urged drivers to use their indicators when changing lanes and to check their wing mirrors to make sure it is safe before changing lanes.

Those guilty of lane-changing offences can be hit with fines of Dh400.

Abu Dhabi Police regularly use social media to reveal the dangers of breaking traffic regulations.

Last Friday, it shared a video of an SUV that rammed into several vehicles after its driver failed to see heavy traffic coming to a standstill on a five-lane motorway.

The motorist attempted to swerve to the right but crashed into at least four cars before changing course, turning left, and smashing through bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The vehicle comes to a stop after crashing into the left roadside barrier and blocking the hard shoulder.

Abu Dhabi police said distracted driving – an offence that could incur an Dh800 fine – can lead to sudden swerving and may cause accidents.