Hundreds of bicycles confiscated as cyclists were not wearing reflective vests

Ajman Police launch safety crackdown after repeated awareness campaigns

Hundreds of bicycles have been confiscated in the past two weeks as their riders were not wearing reflective vests, an Ajman Police official said on Sunday.

Major Fouad Al Khaja, director of the traffic and patrol department in Ajman, said many of the 332 bicycles were confiscated in industrial areas, where many supermarket delivery workers use bicycles, though the campaign took place across the emirate.

"The confiscations were made during a two-week campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of such violations and thus reduce the number of deaths," Maj Al Khaja said.

“Riding a bicycle on a road can distract motorists therefore bikers must wear a reflective vest, a helmet and use arm signals to let car drivers know their movement, such as raising the left or right arm to indicate which direction they are turning.”

He said police are constantly organising campaigns to raise awareness among bicycle users about the necessary safety equipment to be used while riding. Riders should remain on the hard shoulder of roads and they should form a line and avoid cycling side by side, he added.

Maj Al Khaja also called on motorists to be mindful of cyclists on the road and for cyclists to remain alert at all times when on a busy road.