‘Thief’ deported four times but he keeps returning to steal more, court hears

Afghan man insists that he is not guilty of smashing woman's car window in Dubai and taking off with money left inside.

DUBAI // A serial thief returned to the UAE four times after being deported to carry out more thefts, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours has heard.

The 43-year-old Afghan man is standing trial on charges of stealing money from a woman’s car that was parked near her home in Bur Dubai on February 25 last year.

He denied the charge in court and told the judge that he cannot remember where he was at the time of the theft but that he did not carry out this particular one.

“If you tell me the time and date they say I stole, I may remember where I was,” he said.

The court confronted him with eight other incidents of theft, all of which he also denied.

“The case file contains conclusive evidence against you - the car had a camera that caught you stealing the cash,” the presiding judge told the suspect but he continued to plead his innocence.

The incident was reported to police when the car’s glass window was found broken and the cash the woman left was missing.

A verdict is expected on September 29.


Published: September 14, 2016 04:00 AM