New Year signals big business for Dubai’s plastic surgery industry

As people prepare for 2015 with a new look in mind, plastic surgeons predict January will be the busiest time of year for cosmetic surgery.
Consultant Vasilica Baltateanu believes the new year is a time when clients will be fired with a sense of renewal and determined to welcome the spring looking their best. Razan Alzayani / The National
Consultant Vasilica Baltateanu believes the new year is a time when clients will be fired with a sense of renewal and determined to welcome the spring looking their best. Razan Alzayani / The National

ABU DHABI // Plastic surgeons expect a surge in business as people aim to begin the new year with a new look.

New Year resolutions to look better make the post-festive season one of their busiest times of year. 

“January is one of the most popular times for cosmetic surgery,” said Vasilica Baltateanu, managing director of Vasilica Aesthetics, a plastic surgery consultancy in Dubai.

“I believe one of the reasons is the festive season. Either a dress didn’t fit, or a suit. 

“The other reason is it’s about people setting goals for the new year. Some of those goals are to look better.”

Many people also have extended holidays over the festive season and use the time off work to fit in surgery, then a period of several days to recover from the bruising, swelling or bleeding that follows some operations.

With Dubai becoming a plastic-surgery hub in the Middle East, many people will fly to the emirate at this time of the year in pursuit of perfecting their looks, Ms Baltateanu said.

“We have patients from London and all over Europe undergoing surgery in Dubai.”

“Some of them combine a holiday with a procedure while some come for business trips and choose to have surgery too,” Ms Baltateanu said. 

“But the majority of patients are from the Middle East. Before they used to go to Beirut, but not any more.”

Dr Timm Wolter, a consultant plastic surgeon, said more patients sought cosmetic procedures in January in an effort to feel good about themselves and their bodies. 

“For people who want to be in shape by spring, now is a good time to consider treatment, because the healing process will be finished by then,” said Dr Wolter, head of aesthetics and plastic surgery at Healthpoint in Abu Dhabi. 

“January and winter time in general has the advantage of the colder weather, making the necessary recovery time more convenient.”

On the financial side, many people received bonuses or have been given cosmetic surgery as a gift that they can now redeem, said Dr Wolter, who is most commonly asked to perform liposuction, tummy tucks and scar corrections.

Dr Sanjay Saraf, a specialist plastic surgeon at NMC Specialty Hospital in Dubai, said more people wanted to welcome the new year looking better and in shape.

“The most common procedures are Botox and fillers for facial rejuvenation. They are very popular as they do not require the patient to be admitted to hospital. 

“Other procedures such as liposuction are also in great demand as they help people to fit into their clothes for Christmas and New Year parties. 

“There is an overall increase in the demand for all kinds of aesthetic procedures around this time of year.”

Dubai is attracting patients not only from the Middle East but from all over the world, who are looking for better options in aesthetic surgery, he said.

“Patients trust Dubai because of the availability of plastic surgeons with advanced expertise in cosmetic surgical procedures. 

“People are more confident in getting surgical procedures done in the UAE, especially in Dubai, since the Dubai Health Authority keeps a stringent check on the credentials of practising plastic surgeons.”

Dr Mohan Rangaswamy, from Plastic Surgery Works in Dubai, said procedures such as Botox and fillers were more regularly requested at this time of year.

“Demand for liposuction increases, as do breast procedures – all for getting a new look in the new year,” he said. “Also these are associated with quick recovery.”

Dr Rangaswamy said demand for plastic surgery in the UAE, and Dubai in particular, was increasing

“Quality of surgeons, facility standards, assurance of cleanliness and the chance to enjoy Dubai are some reasons it is becoming more popular.”

Setting up special “recovery” hotels and specialist travel agencies would further raise Dubai’s profile as a plastic surgery hub in the Middle East, he said.

Published: December 31, 2014 04:00 AM


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