Coronavirus: UAE announces 376 new cases, 170 recoveries and four deaths

The UAE has now recorded 3,736 cases, with 588 recoveries and 20 deaths

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The UAE announced 376 new cases of coronavirus, a further 170 recoveries and four deaths on Saturday.
The latest figures bring the country's tallies to 3,736 total cases, 588 recoveries and 20 deaths.
Speaking at the UAE's regular media briefing, Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the health sector, said recovered patients are playing their part in helping those fighting the disease to get back to full health.
She said blood donated by those who had beat Covid-19 was being used in plasma treatment to boost the speed of recovery for those who recorded positive tests.

"We have used plasma from recovered patients to treat severe cases, and are studying the effectiveness of this treatment.

“I would like to clarify that here in the UAE we have started using the plasma treatment, in addition to other treatments.”

Dr Al Hosani also spoke about the use of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in treatments and its effectiveness being under observation. She said that the UAE was leaving no stone unturned in efforts to identify the best treatments and research studies that would assist in medical efforts.

Dr Al Hosani said it was not possible to predict when the UAE will reach its peak of coronavirus cases.

But she said officials are assessing the success of stay-home measures continually – and would relax restrictions when possible.

She implored those displaying symptoms to not take the condition lightly - and to get tested while adhering to physical distancing practices and wearing gloves and masks.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health and Prevention, says people are increasingly downloading the contact tracing app, Al Hosn. National Media Council

Dr Al Hosani assured the public that most people with "mild" cases of the virus could expect to recover within 21 days.

“The majority of the cases in the country they are simple and mild cases and we thank God for that,” Dr Al Hosani said.

She said the country is testing "around the clock" both at 13 Covid-19 drive-through testing centres in operation and at medical centres.


“We would like to affirm to all those who have a high fever or any respiratory symptoms such as fever, coughing or sneezing to go directly to the medical centre to take the test,” she said.

Dr Al Hosani offered her condolences to those who had sadly lost their lives after contracting Covid-19.

She said funeral services must be attended only by a limited number of family members to ensure the safety of the wider public.

“There’s a very important message. The funeral and the prayers is to be limited to only a very small number of family members. You can express your condolences through phone calls in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone.”

She reiterated that the public must adhere to stay-home measures and only leave the house for essential reasons to help the country contain the highly-contagious virus.

“Success today continues through applying physical distancing and the sterilisation programme, and that you all abide by the quarantine and only leave your houses for essentials and work.

“Let us adhere to these measures.”