Abu Dhabi Police video shows driver carelessly slam into motorbike rider

Officers say too many motorists are distracted by phones, eating and drinking or taking photos at the wheel

Video footage captures the moment an Abu Dhabi motorist smashed into a motorbike while driving carelessly.

Abu Dhabi Police released the video of the incident, which occurred on a motorway.

It shows the vehicle approach the bike from behind on a long and empty stretch of road before hitting the bike's rear wheel.

The car appears to partly crush the bike before the footage cuts out.

Officers said the driver was distracted but continued to drive at high speed.

The force warned of the dangers of "using a phone or eating or drinking, turning to talk to companions or being preoccupied with photography or adjusting makeup and behaviours that lead to loss of focus".

Motorbike riders are among the most vulnerable road users, with drivers of other vehicles urged to exercise caution around them.

Updated: May 28, 2021 04:41 PM