Abu Dhabi launches 'Chance for Hope' online service to combat drug abuse

The new service has been set up by police in partnership with drug rehabilitation experts

UAE Prosecutors warn the public of publishing any information that promotes narcotics. AFP    
UAE Prosecutors warn the public of publishing any information that promotes narcotics. AFP    

A new online service established in Abu Dhabi is set to provide a vital lifeline to people battling drug addiction.

Abu Dhabi Police joined forces with the National Rehabilitation Centre and the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination to launch the 'Chance for Hope' platform on Wednesday.

The crucial resource - which is set to go live on the Abu Dhabi Police website and smart app within the next week - will allow drug users and their families to request rehabilitation treatments.

The tool will also spread awareness of the dangers of drug abuse.

Col Taher Al Dhaheri, director of the Drug Control Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said in a remote press conference that the new service aims to combat drug addiction and provide a chance for rehabilitation.

“The online service users can benefit from the awareness and educational material provided and constantly updated on the website and can also request for drug addiction treatment,” said Col Al Dhaheri.

“The awareness material was altered by the Zayed Higher Organisation to suit people with special needs such as people with hearing and vision impairment.”

The senior officer said the service had been approved by the emirate's judicial department.

“The treatment request can be applied by the family members of the drug addict or by the drug addict themselves,” he said.

In 2016, amendments to the anti-narcotics law allowed the option for first-time offenders to be admitted for treatment rather than face jail.

Dr Hamad Al Ghafri, director-general of the National Rehabilitation Centre, said the service will provide hope to many families.

“This initiative is considered a great example of the collaboration between the judiciary, the executive, and the rehabilitation bodies in the fight against drug abuse,” said Dr Al Ghafri.

On Tuesday, Dubai Police said that ten accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook that were used to promote drugs were detected and shut down between January and May of this year.

Police urged parents to monitor their children’s social media activities as dealers continue to use platforms and apps to sell drugs.

Published: June 24, 2020 03:14 PM


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