Emirati women should be proud of their accomplishments, says Sheikha Fatima

'Everyday in the UAE is a day for women's empowerment and support'

The UAE's Mother of the Nation has congratulated women around the world on International Women’s Day.

Sheikha Fatima praised the support of the country's leaders, who have helped empower Emirati women at "all levels."

“Everyday in the UAE is a day for women's empowerment and support," she said.

Sheikha Fatima said supporting and empowering Emirati women is a "continuous" effort.

She highlighted the directive by UAE President Sheikh Khalifa, to ensure the Federal National Council is represented equally by men and women, as a shining example of progressive policy.

Sheikha Fatima called this an important achievement that "will push women to give more."

She commended Emirati women who continue to serve as ministers, parliamentarians, doctors, engineers and even soldiers.

"Emirati women should be proud of their accomplishments and for being an essential partner in the country's development, and for becoming a regional and global role model to be emulated,” she said.

She wished a safe and secure world for women where she feels empowered to fulfil her aspirations.

Sheikha Fatima is the chairwoman of the General Women's Union and president of the Supreme Council for Motherhood.

In 2017, she was honoured by UN Women, a global champion for gender equality.