Five men steal car only to find boy in the back seat, court told

The men allegedly posed as police to steal the car and its contents

Five men stole a car only to find an 11-year-old boy in the back seat, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On October 28, a Pakistani man, 32, was driving his boss’s son to school on Dubai-Al Ain Road when he saw what appeared to be a police car behind him.

The five Pakistani accused had fitted the SUV with blue lights, to make it appear as though it belonged to police, and used it to pull the man over.

The driver stopped on the side of the road and two of the accused, dressed in kanduras, identified themselves as CID officers and asked him to get out of the car so they could search it

Their three accomplices then ran over, got into the car and sped off. After travelling several hundred metres, they noticed the boy in the back seat and kicked him out of the car.

“They asked me to get out of the car but I refused, then they kicked me out,” the Indian boy said in court records.

“I saw the boy running towards me and he was crying,” the driver said. “I stopped a car and asked its driver for his phone then called Dubai police.”

Police tracked down and arrested three of the accused but the other two remain at large.

The men had stolen an envelope containing SR 8,151 (Dh7,977) and Dh2,206. They also took the driver’s wallet, which contained Dh500, and his mobile phone.

The men were charged with robbery, posing as policemen, kidnapping a boy and endangering his life.

The three defendants, aged between 25 and 41, denied the charges and the two others were charged in their absence.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 17.

Published: March 31, 2019 05:04 PM