UAE database to help energy-efficient companies collaborate

The EmiratesGBC Energy Efficiency Programme will help foster relationships between energy-efficient organisations.

DUBAI // The Emirates Green Building Council yesterday launched a service to make it easier for energy-efficient companies to find partners and potential customers.

The online database aims to connect energy consultants with contractors, equipment vendors, facility management companies, banks, insurance companies and other players in the sector.

Saeed Al Abbar, the council’s chairman, said the initiative was in response to growing interest in reducing energy use from the public and private sectors.

Reducing energy usage at buildings “is one of the most critical aspects of the UAE green economy vision”, said Mr Al Abbar.

Although regulators in Abu Dhabi and Dubai were aiming to improve the energy-efficiency of new buildings, improving the energy consumption of existing buildings would help significantly reduce energy demand, he said.

In Dubai there are about 120,000 buildings and most consume large amounts of energy. There are about 300,000 buildings across the UAE.

According to the council, there is growing recognition about the potential of retrofitting existing buildings to minimise energy usage.

“There has been huge progress in the past few years, particularly in Dubai,” said Mr Al Abbar.

In the emirate, the Regulatory and Supervision Bureau has launched an accreditation scheme for energy-services companies who often invest in retrofitting buildings, profiting from the subsequent savings.

To be sure, energy price rises in recent years have made retrofitting projects attractive for building owners and owners’ associations of buildings in freehold areas.

“We are seeing a huge number of buildings being retrofitted, and the market is growing exponentially,” said Mr Al Abbar.

He said the EmiratesGBC Energy Efficiency Programme would seek to facilitate collaboration between organisations in the sector, and it would offer networking opportunities and technical workshops.

The initiative is available only to council members, which comprise 150 companies and organisations.

Published: December 30, 2014 04:00 AM