Dubai airport worker jailed for stealing from passengers

The 24-year-old accused admitted to stealing the items he found while cleaning planes

An airport worker who stole jewellery and cash from passengers was sentenced to three months in jail and fined Dh5,000.

At Dubai Criminal Court, the 24-year-old accused admitted to stealing the cash and valuable items he found left behind on planes by passengers.

Prosecutors said the man stole a gold bracelet, a ring and Dh104,91 in different currencies while cleaning the planes.

The man was arrested on November 4 after airport inspectors caught him with a gold bracelet.

At Dubai Airport Police he admitted to stealing the items, saying he had more at his home in Muhaisnah.

On Thursday, Dubai Criminal Court convicted the Kenyan man of embezzlement from his workplace. He will be deported upon serving his prison term.