Illegal immigrant 'arrested after refusing to pay bar bill'

An illegal immigrant on the run has been arrested after losing his cool at a bar in Dubai.

DUBAI // An illegal immigrant on the run from the authorities was arrested after losing his temper at a hotel bar, a court heard yesterday.

MA, 27, from Pakistan, had been living in the country illegally for seven years - his passport was seized by prosecutors when he was involved in a bounced cheque case.

He had been on the run since skipping bail but came to a barman's attention on December 21 last year when he visited the Avari Hotel and refused to pay for alcohol he had ordered, saying he had no money.

The barman let him go but he returned the next day with friends and they drank more alcohol. This time the Pakistani tried unsuccessfully to pay using a credit card.

"When I told him his card was rejected, he started arguing with me," said the barman, HP, 32, from India.

One of the Pakistani's friends paid for the drinks, but instead of leaving quietly he began disturbing other customers and breaking glasses, injuring his hand in the process.

Police were called and charged him with damaging property, consuming alcohol illegally and overstaying his visa.

The hotel waived its right regarding the damaging property charge so prosecutors did not pursue it.

The Pakistani was referred to the Naturalisation and Residency Court on a charge of overstaying his visa.

At Dubai Misdemeanours Court last week he confessed to illegally consuming alcohol. The next hearing will be on February 25.

Published: February 10, 2013 04:00 AM