Gambling gang ran secret casino in JBR car park, Dubai court hears

Sixteen men accused of forming a gambling ring and operating a casino from a car park at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

DUBAI // A gambling ring operated a secret casino at a video gaming centre in Jumeirah Beach Residence, a court heard yesterday.

Volcano Electronic Games, in the underground car park shops at JBR, Marina Wharf 1 Building, was licensed as a gaming centre but had a further 35 slot machines, gambling devices and poker tables hidden from public view, according to prosecutors.

Undercover police officer A?M, visited on April 17 last year and paid Dh500 before being directed to a gambling table. He said customers would win vouchers which were traded for money.

"Five per cent from the won amount would be deducted for the benefit of the casino," said the Emirati officer, who won Dh1,700.

His colleagues then raided the casino and arrested 16 men.

Emiratis E?M, 34; E?A, 39; Uzbekistani R?M, 30; and Bangladeshi A?S, 29, were charged with running and operating the casino. The others were charged with gambling.

Prosecutors said A?S confessed to operating gambling machines but not running the casino.

He was also responsible for taking money from customers to be kept in the casino's vault.

The Criminal Court's verdict is expected on January 22.