Accountant accused of assaulting and insulting police officers

Man told police officer he is a "sick person and in need of therapy", heard Dubai Criminal Court

A 24-year-old accountant is accused of assaulting and insulting police officers, allegedly telling one that they “belonged in the trash" and “not in the force”, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to court records, the Jordanian man was stopped on February 8 this year by two Dubai police officers at Naif Metro station and requested for ID. After seeing his ID, the officers asked the man to go to the police station with the officers, but he refused.

“He said he was busy and in a hurry. He told us to keep hold of his ID card, but we told him that he must accompany us,” said one of the officers involved, a 19-year-old Emirati.

He said the defendant then turned his back on them and began to walk away. When he held the accused’s arm to stop him, he insulted him.

“He told me that I was a sick person and in need of therapy, then pointed at a garbage bin nearby and said that I belonged there, not in the force,” said the officer, adding that he and his colleague had escorted the man to the police station, but he froze at the entrance.

The officer said that he poked the man so that he would resume walking, but the defendant turned around, screamed at him and then grabbed him by the neck.

“He started screaming that I should not touch him and should not assault him, then suddenly choked me. Fellow policemen took him away from me, but while in the office inside [the station] he jumped at me and tried to hit me again. Colleagues restrained him on the floor and took him into custody,” said the policeman, who visited Rashid Hospital after suffering some bruises.

In court on Wednesday morning, the defendant denied charges of insulting and assaulting a police officer.

“I have no idea how they managed to get a medical report when I never laid a hand on him,” said the defendant to judges.

A verdict is expected on December 31.

Updated: December 6, 2017 03:56 PM