BA flight to Dubai forced to return

People living nearby took to social media to report hearing a loud noise above them.

DUBAI// A British Airways passenger jet en route to Dubai was forced to return to London after a technical problem with residents reporting hearing a “loud bang”.

According to reports in British media, flight BA107 had just taken off from Heathrow airport at around 5pm UAE time but had to circle back after the incident.

People living nearby took to social media to report the noise.

“Heard a big bang overhead Halstead, seems to be BA 747 circling with wheels down,” tweeted Tony Southgate.

“It is BA 107, climbing on way out to Dubai, did an immediate turn and circling biggin hill.”

The airline said a technical fault caused the plane to change course.

“The pilot was unable to fully retract the undercarriage so as a precaution decided to return to Heathrow.

“The captain has been in constant contact with our operational teams and has not reported anything that would cause a bang.”

After landing back at Heathrow, passengers were accommodated on a new aircraft, BA said.

Published: December 11, 2014 04:00 AM