Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket: 15 UAE residents become millionaires overnight

A group of colleagues will split the grand prize of Dh22 million

Big Ticket hosts Richard Isaac and Bouchra deliver the good news to another winner of the mega-prize.  Abu Dhabi Big Ticket
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An Indian woman in Abu Dhabi has won Dh22 million in the Big Ticket draw, which will be split equally among 15 people.

Leena Jalal, who works in human resources, bought the winning ticket number 144387 – part of the Big Ticket Terrific 22 Million Series 236 – in her name with her colleagues.

They will each receive more than Dh1.4m.

“I felt numb when I found out we won. I just couldn’t believe it. We’re all, of course, very happy,” Ms Jalal said, who moved to the UAE in 2018.

“I don’t have any plans yet on what I will do with the money, but I do want to support my family back home and do some charity.”

Ms Jalal, who is an only child and not married, also hopes to take a holiday.

She had purchased the Dh500 ticket days before the winner was meant to be announced. It was her first time participating in the draw.

Last month, another group of residents split a grand prize of Dh25 million in the Big Ticket draw.

Al Ain resident Haridasan Vasunni bought the ticket and the cost was split between 15 friends. Each of them took home about Dh1.5 million.

“I was at home when I received the call," he said.

"At first I thought it was a joke. I purchased this ticket with my friends and some of them were watching the live draw."

The next weekly Dh500,000 cash prize electronic draw by Abu Dhabi Big Ticket will take place on February 8.

Updated: February 07, 2022, 2:29 PM