Listen: What mobility looks like post Covid-19

Technology has had a real impact on the way we work and live. What happens when the disruptors have to move even more quickly than they expected?

This week, Richard Sikkel, chief executive of Massar Solutions, and Tino Waked, regional general manager of Middle East & Africa at Uber, join The National's Assistant Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Alrawi to talk about all things transportation in an era rapidly changing thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Demand has evolved with commuting reduced by a rise in remote working and there being less need for short-term car rentals. Other areas are growing fast – these include transport vehicles for deliveries and the rising popularity of electric scooters.

In this episode: What happens when the disruptor becomes disrupted? (0m 41s) The changes the pandemic has brought (5m 28s) How Uber moved fast to face the challenge (10m 15s) The future prospects for Massar Solutions and Uber (11m 33s)