Jump in US Covid-19 cases is due to reckless behaviour

People must behave responsibly so as to protect one another from infection. AP Photo
People must behave responsibly so as to protect one another from infection. AP Photo

I write to you in reference to your live blog entry US sees biggest one-day increase in Covid-19 cases (June 27).

This news item elaborately covers the highest 24-hour increase of Covid-19 cases in America. The US has announced a record 45,242 new cases on Friday June 26, signalling an alarming infection rate in the nation. These figures would not have jumped this high had people followed basic hygiene measures and simple medical recommendations such as wearing masks in public and practising social distancing. Some Americans' desire for total independence and freedom of movement, even in the midst of a pandemic, has hindered the US's response to the coronavirus.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Should countries begin to reopen their economies so fast?

I write to you in reference to Nicky Harley's article UK drops quarantine for arrivals from low Covid-19 risk countries (June 27). Everyone seems in such a hurry to reopen these days, yet the number of cases worldwide is climbing.

Kavita Bhatia, Dubai

Although the number of coronavirus cases is rising, the dire state of the global economy warrants the easing of restrictions. Reopening the economy is crucial to help businesses survive. Many companies have already gone bankrupt and people have lost their jobs as a result from the economic downturn of the coronavirus. Even some governments are now having money troubles. The coronavirus has affected us all in different ways. It is understandable that some countries wish to reopen their economies to keep their finances afloat. In these cases, people need to act responsibly and protect one another from infection. Unfortunately this sense of responsibility does not always prevail, and some people have behaved recklessly.

Dean Al, Vancouver

The Nile Dam remains divisive, but the intention behind it are laudable

I write to you in reference to your article 'Millions at risk' if Ethiopia fills dam unilaterally, Sudan warns (June 25). The Ethiopian government and the people of Ethiopia have no intention of harming Egypt nor any downstream country. The country just wants to use its fair share of the Nile River to lift its own people out of poverty.

Selamawit Aberra Vigneau, Addis Ababa

Updated: June 28, 2020 11:54 AM


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