Iraq's health minister resigning was the moral thing to do

Our readers have their say on accountability, animal cruelty, cricket and Jacinda Ardern
The intensive care unit of the Ibn al-Khatib hospital is damaged following a fire that broke out of last Saturday evening killing over 80 people and injuring over 100, in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, April 27, 2021. Medical staff who witnessed the first moments of a Baghdad hospital fire described horrific scenes: deafening screams, a patient who jumped to his death to escape the inferno and relatives who died because they refused to abandon coronavirus patients tethered to ventilators. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

With reference to Mina Aldroubi's report Iraq's health minister resigns after deadly hospital blaze (May 4): more than 80 patients died, 110 were injured. The authorities must investigate the real cause and make sure this never happens again. Whoever is guilty should be punished. Human lives won't come back, whatever compensation is given to grieving families. However, I applaud the minister's resignation on moral grounds.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Is cricket no longer a gentleman's game?

With reference to Chitrabhanu Kadalayil's op-ed IPL cricket is suspended – why did it take so long? (May 4): at one time, cricket used to be a gentleman's game. It is heartbreaking to see the situation in India right now. The tournament should have been suspended sooner. That it was not tells us how much the game has become about money, above all else.

Farvez Mohideen, Kuwait City

High time. It carried on too long. In my view it was in exceptionally poor taste to keep playing when the country was and still is seeing this scale of death and devastation.

Azim Shaikh, Mumbai, India

Animal abuse cannot be tolerated

With reference to Gillian Duncan's story Animal rescuers discover cat left to die in Dubai (April 28): it made me physically sick to read this and be reminded that people can do these things. But publishing stories like this will help enforce stricter laws that punish such criminals.

Kristin Marette, France

Mexico City's overpass collapse: why no maintenance?
With reference to the report Mexico City metro overpass collapse kills at least 20 leaving victims trapped (May 4): even one life lost is an unacceptable cost for poor maintenance of the metro infrastructure. Upkeep of the stations has been long overdue. For years citizens have watched this negligence. We have even been through damages caused by earthquakes. There are several potential hazards in the metro at many stations. Some months ago, a station was on fire. The people deserve better infrastructure and maintenance of public services.

Daniela Gonzalez Ortega, Mexico City, Mexico

All good wishes for Jacinda Ardern

With reference to Emma Day's story New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sets date for summer wedding to Clarke Gayford (May 5): she's one of the best and most inspiring leaders in the world, especially given how she handled the pandemic. I wish her the best.

Bhupen Baniya, Kirtipur, Nepal