'Happy that at least he got to meet his baby'

Our readers have their say on UAE helping bereaved families, mosques reopening and the Emmy-winning series 'Delhi Crime'

Regarding Nick Webster's report Dubai father meets newborn baby daughter eight months after wife died (November 24): I'm happy that at least he finally got to meet his baby.

Rosalinda Lopes, Athens, Greece

This is so sad. God bless them and all of those who have supported the father.

Belinda Wallington, Oman

Kudos to the UAE for stepping up to help a pair of sisters  

With reference to the article Dubai grants 10-year golden visa to family of murdered couple (November 23): it's heartwarming to read what the country is doing for the daughters of the couple. Another reason why I have so much respect for the UAE. Great move.

Sudhanshu Rawat, Uttrakhand, India

Mosques reopening is an answer to prayers

With reference to the report by Shuchita Gautam Coronavirus: Friday prayers to resume across UAE mosques (November 24): thank you. This lifts the spirits. Visiting the mosque for Friday prayers is what I have missed most since March.

Anisur Rahman, Abu Dhabi

'Delhi Crime' is brilliant and that Emmy is well-deserved

I write to you regarding Razmig Bedirian's piece 'Delhi Crime' and 'For Sama' win top prizes at International Emmy Awards (November 25): it is heartening to learn that the Netflix series, Delhi Crime won the Emmy for Best Drama category for 2020. The series, while not a documentary, recounts how the Delhi police nabbed the six accused in the Nirbhaya gang rape case in Delhi in 2012. That crime was so shocking that it led to a change in the rape laws in India.

The Indian-Canadian director Richie Mehta has rightly skipped sensationalism in the series and focused on how the culprits were tracked. The portrayal is vivid and realistic. It is an eye-opener even for Indians. India consists of multiple layers. Those who live in urban areas may not know what life is in smaller towns and villages.

The series is a showcase for great acting by Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain and Rasika Dugal. Shefali Shah truly shines in a stellar performance. The speech she makes to her fellow officers in the hospital at dawn exhorting them to move fast to catch the culprits is inspirational. Her dialogue delivery is brilliant and the diction pitch perfect.

Tailang as her cop colleague, Adil as the police commissioner and Rasika as a new police recruit all deliver memorable performances.

The series is a compliment to the Delhi police, which moved at lighting speed and arrested all the accused within five days from different states and towns.

People criticise the Indian police all the time. But when they do a brilliant job, as they did in the Nirbhaya case, we should salute them. This series is a reminder of that.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Respect women. It's not negotiable

With reference to the report Qatar police officers charged over invasive airport strip searches (November 24): it was wrong on all levels. Doesn't matter what country it is. Respect the women.

John James, Dubai