Good samaritan offers biryani to those who've recently lost jobs

The Kobe Sizzlers restaurant in Karama, Dubai. Courtesy: Rhythm Arora
The Kobe Sizzlers restaurant in Karama, Dubai. Courtesy: Rhythm Arora

Good samaritan offering biryani to those hit hard

Regarding Sarwat Nasir's report Coronavirus: Dubai restaurant boss serves up free biryani to those hit hard by Covid-19 (June 29): God bless these guys.

Abdurahiman Rahiman, Dubai

It's heartening to read that there are some wonderful people out there.

Howard Letch, Dubai

That's a beautiful soul. We need more generous people in these times doing such work. The world would be a better place.

Jane Nduta, Dubai

Something for offices to think about before staff gets back to work

Regarding Shireena Al Nowais's report Coronavirus: UAE government workers to return to offices next month (June 29): this seems like a good opportunity for managements across industries to use their experience from the past months to reassess what can be done to improve the working environment for staff permanently. For example, if all meetings are virtual then do all employees need to return to the office? Also, are office spaces adequate given the distancing measures that should be in place? Are child care options available to all employees despite schools and nurseries being closed? And would some employees maybe prefer to work from home, having done so effectively for the past few months? All factors to be considered.

Laura EK, Abu Dhabi

Commuters between Abu Dhabi and Dubai have concerns

With reference to the report Coronavirus: entry to Abu Dhabi permitted with negative Covid-19 test (June 29): I am a medical worker stuck in Dubai. I have been to the check point six times with my five-year-old daughter. I've carried my medical licence and company permit but no luck. Now I am trying to book an appointment. It is not easy.

M Malik, Abu Dhabi

I am concerned about how I can manage to renew my passport. I have applied for a permit three times but I am not allowed to go in to the Embassy of Finland in Abu Dhabi.

Minna Ruokonen, Dubai

I hope this is temporary. If every time you need to go to Abu Dhabi you need a Covid-19 test it will become difficult to sustain. One reason why it is not practical is because getting an appointment in two days is tough and then there is the matter of cost. The last time I checked, a test cost Dh370. Many will not be able to afford this every two days.

Obaid Ullah Sana Ullah, Dubai

Published: July 1, 2020 08:00 AM


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