Al Neyadi's space mission is a journey of a lifetime

Our readers have their say on experiments and images from space and the need for global leaders to push for a ceasefire and peace in Ukraine

Sultan Al Neyadi, UAE Astronaut during his first ‘ A Call with Space’ video chat with the public held at Dubai Opera in Dubai. Pawan Singh / The National
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Sultan Al Neyadi's remarkable space mission

With reference to the report Sultan Al Neyadi posts tribute to Egypt from International Space Station (March 28): This was an interesting read. Hats off to the UAE astronaut for the feats he is accomplishing on a weekly basis on board the International Space Station. He paid a touching tribute to Egypt, rightly mentioning the old civilisation, the world-famous pyramids and different aspects of Egyptian culture. It is incredible that Al Neyadi is experiencing six months in space. It will be for him a trip of a lifetime. It is also very interesting to read that during his time there he will take part in more than 200 experiments by Nasa and 19 that involve UAE universities. Apart from the scientific work, in conveying such spectacular images – pointing out how the Nile Delta from space resembles a flower from that vantage point – he is making everyone proud, his family, his people, his country and the Arab world at large. Kudos to Al Neyadi.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Attempts needed to restore peace in the world

With regard to the report Brazil's Bolsonaro will not lead opposition to President Lula (March 30): I respect President Lula. The time may have come for leaders such as him and other non-aligned countries such as Brazil, India, China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to get together and prepare a plan to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine. There has been too high a cost. Thousands of civilians, including children have died. Countless Ukrainians have become refugees in foreign lands.

In addition to the massive human cost, the economy of the entire world has gone into a tailspin, due to the war. Russia and Ukraine together produce one-third of the world’s wheat. Ukraine is also a major producer of sunflower oil. Many countries in the Middle East are dependent on Russia and Ukraine for agricultural products. Due to agricultural shortfalls and transport issues, there are shortages of food in many parts of the world and inflation is at an all-time high in many countries.

A protracted war will only have further ramifications across countries, including on the prices of oil, raw materials, commodities and supply chains. We live in a globally interdependent world. Events in any part of the world have an immediate and cascading impact everywhere. Global statecraft could help resolve this issue peacefully. This is the essence of leadership. It would be useful if multiple nations focus on bringing about a ceasefire, rather than taking sides in this ugly battle.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Published: March 31, 2023, 3:00 AM