Don’t forget post-Iran deal regional issues

A reader raises concerns about the region after the historic Iran deal. Carlos Barria / AP Photo
A reader raises concerns about the region after the historic Iran deal. Carlos Barria / AP Photo

With regards to your editorial, An historic choice awaits Iran’s leaders (July 15), I can't tell if this is a good deal. Only time will tell if the deal was made in good faith and if all the parties involved will honour it fully. What I am more concerned with is the immediate situation facing Muslims across the region and beyond.

What about the situation in Palestine, where every day Israel is targeting innocent Palestinians? Or what about the situation in Myanmar, where thousands of Muslims have been killed and very few people are talking about what is happening there?

We have been so consumed with the divisions in the Muslim world and with the situation in Iran, that we have lost sight of the pressing issues facing our people and our region. I feel like we are on the wrong path but not because of Islam, which is a religion of peace and justice.

Our problem is that we have to unite and create trust between the Shia and Sunni. We must think about the consequences of our actions before it is too late, otherwise what is happening today in Palestine and Myanmar may be tomorrow at our doors.

Junaid Ali Faiyyaz, New Delhi

Employees should stand

Concerning your editorial on sitting, We shouldn’t stand for so much sitting (July 15), I have noticed that a number of companies around Abu Dhabi are starting to have their employees stand at work.

At one branch of Etisalat, I noticed that the staff attends to customers while standing for an entire shift. This is a good thing but we have to make sure that staff are happy to stand all day.

Shakankiri Marie Ange, Abu Dhabi

Model on trial in Pakistan

I am concerned about your piece, Pakistan court bails model caught flying to Dubai with $500,000 in cash (July 15) because money laundering impacts all of us. There are rules in place to protect against money laundering but they only work when they are enforced.

Clearly someone carrying this large amount of cash is suspicious. After all, if the money was legitimate it could have been transferred via normal channels involving a bank.

Sameena Mirza, Dubai

I think this model is being unfairly targeted. Why should she not be able to carry as much money as she wants if it comes from legal sources. If people want to spend such a large amount of money on holiday then that is their business.

Irshad Valli, Dubai

Education is the right path

I read your report, A post-oil era will be built on education, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Majlis hears (July 14) with interest. I was particularly moved by the argument that higher test scores may not be the biggest indicator of a healthy education. For years I have told my son that being able to read a book from start to finish shouldn’t be one's sole focus. It should be how well one comprehends the material and how one is to apply it to what one has learnt in real life.I believe that this was part of the message of the lecture. We must embrace the spirit of learning in all aspects of life to build a better and more prosperous society.

Susanne Cherrie, Dubai

This sounded like an amazing lecture. I would add that in addition to education, we must focus on better roads and transportation infrastructure especially when it comes to rail lines. Coupled with education, better infrastructure will help prepare our society for the future.

Ilias Khan, Abu Dhabi

Education is the right path forward but we must focus on more healthy competition among teachers as well as students to have a more qualitative and effective education system that will help the overall development of all our students.

Shahina Afsafr, Dubai

Fasting for pregnant mums

With regards to your article, My Ramadan: No pregnant pause for this fasting mother (July 15), Ramadan is a month like no other as it is full of good deeds, charity and sharing. The iftar gatherings, when the entire family comes together for breaking their fast, are amazing events that we are blessed to enjoy.

Asma Lootah deserves praise for fasting despite being pregnant. She is an example to those who consider their illness as an excuse to skip fasting.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Published: July 15, 2015 04:00 AM


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