All of us should learn about the local culture

Expatriates ought to learn more about local culture, readers say. Silvia Razgova / The National
Expatriates ought to learn more about local culture, readers say. Silvia Razgova / The National

I am thankful to be able to live in Al Ain where I can experience Emirati culture (Understanding local culture, September 19). I am European and I find Abu Dhabi and Dubai to be too western in attitude and culture. In Al Ain I get the chance to experience Al Qattara, and speak Arabic in local restaurants (although at the malls they all only speak English with me).

I hate globalisation. I have learnt Arabic over the past 10 months and every time I speak I am met with much surprise. Emirati people are appreciative of my effort, which is nice.

Karen Lynch, Al Ain

I believe expatriates in every country should learn about the culture of their host countries.

Sheila Duff Earles, Dubai

Emiratis need to share their culture with expatriates. In every country I have lived in and many that I have visited, I have been welcomed to eat with locals and visit their homes and interact with their families. I have lived in the UAE for six years and been invited into Emirati homes two times. In comparison, I have welcomed people into my home dozens of times for large and small events.

Mike Tiner, Dubai

Property is the best investment

I agree that education is the best investment (Dubai professor has education as best investment, September 18). Teach a man to fish and he could feed himself for a lifetime. However, from the financial perspective, property is the number-one investment.

Then there’s the question of rich dad poor dad that looks at investing in cash flow. So the property is only an asset if it generates cash flow.

Yes there’s capital appreciation, but the cash is only realised if you sell it. Owning property for rent is the real investment as it generates cash. Then there’s the whole issue of investing in your own business, becoming your own boss.

It’s not something that is widely taught at school. At the same time mainstream education is not for everyone and sometimes not the best.

I think investing in vocational training goes a long way to build and develop real skills. Companies need people who can do possibly more than directing and managing.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Amitabh at his best in Pink

I refer to the review of the film Pink (Pink is a big cinematic victory, September 16).

I watched this movie on the day it was released in Dubai and I must say that it is an outstanding film.

In fact, it deserved more than the 3.5 stars that has been given to it. In my opinion, it does not deserve less that 4.5, if not five stars. Having said that, I do think that some shots in the movie could have been avoided. For example, there was no need to show the protagonist, Amitabh Bachchan, suffering from some mental disorder. However, I feel the author’s views are biased against Bachchan, who has been referred to as a “weakling” in this film.

We don’t see the typical Amitabh in this film, but someone who changed his baritone voice for this film. As always, he seemed to be very much in control of his performance.

I would say he was outstanding as ever, and I will not be surprised if the film wins yet another national award.

Name withheld by request

ISIL women have low self-esteem

I think the women who join ISIL have low self-esteem (Why do some women still want to be brides of ISIL?, September 8). No woman who believes in self- worth would allow herself to be coerced into an organisation that degrades women.

Diane Monet Nobles-Eldakak, Dubai

Published: September 19, 2016 04:00 AM


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