Kevin Smith has a good belly laugh

A round up of the best tweets from the celebrity world. This week Kevin Smith is shamed into slimness while Stephen Fry lauds Lady Ga Ga.

"You're publicly shamed into a slimmer figure. Crying the weight right off has never been easier!" The American director Kevin Smith jokes about being chucked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat. February 13. "Please buy our single it out today." Let's hope your single's fractionally better than your grammar, Jedward. February 15. LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters." Ricky Martin has a deep and profound message for us all. February 15.

"At Carnaval! :)" What makes us think Paris Hilton bunked off spelling classes at school? February 15. Andre Leon Talley (Vogue magazine) sent me a great e-mail today re: my wardrobe at the Ralph Rucci fashion show." Rehabilitation back into civil society is surely complete for Martha Stewart. February 16. "I wish the currency of choice was lollipops. 'I'm suing you for 3 lollipops!' It would just be too funny." How erudite. Is the brain power of Russell Brand rubbing off on Katy Perry? February 16.

"Happier than a happy person can be that LGG won 3 Brit awards. Raa raa uh-uh aah." Stephen Fry taps his feet along and celebrates Lady Gaga's triumph. February 17. "What's your favourite Dolly song?" What Brits, eh? Dolly Parton has just one question for her followers. February 17.