Make paperwork more enjoyable with stylish desk accessories

Fun boxes, pen pops, labels and laptop cases like Paperchase's new range are more than frivolous. They'll help you be organised and efficient.
Ava storage boxes. Courtesy of Paperchase
Ava storage boxes. Courtesy of Paperchase

Spending money on stylish new desk or office accessories isn't just a frivolous bit of shopping - it's an investment in self-organisation and improved efficiency. Promise.

From now on, all that important admin won't be hidden under magazines or mail, but impeccably filed and on hand at a second's notice. See? And this season, all our paperwork will be neatly stashed in this bird-motif collection from Paperchase, part of the stationery shop's new spring collection.

As you've seen on these pages throughout the past few months, birds are all over home accessories right now, and it's a look we really like. This range, named Ava, includes storage boxes, pen pots, laptop bags, labels, fabric-covered notebooks and matching mugs. So even if you have the most mundane bit of clerical work to attend to, doing so with this lot on your desk instead of a dusty old in-tray can only make it pleasurable.

Other lines now in stock include the pretty folksy-inspired Kista, which includes a water flask and matching coasters, and an iPhone case that's already in our bag.

From Dh25, Paperchase stores nationwide. Visit for details.

Published: February 2, 2012 04:00 AM