Manero Tourbillon 2015: Timepiece with a pure pedigree

The Swiss watch manufacturer, Carl F Bucherer, has launched an exclusive tourbillon watch for Dh427,150. But time is ticking as only 188 watches are being produced.
The Manero Tourbillon limited edition 2015 is being sold for Dh427,150 in the UAE. Courtesy Carl F Bucherer
The Manero Tourbillon limited edition 2015 is being sold for Dh427,150 in the UAE. Courtesy Carl F Bucherer

The Swiss watch manufacturer Carl F Bucherer, has launched an exclusive tourbillon watch with only 188 models being produced.

But for such exclusivity, there is a price to match: the Manero Tourbillon limited edition 2015 can be yours for Dh427,150 assuming there is one left to buy.

Why is it so expensive, I hear you cry, what can make a watch so expensive, was it forged on the surface of the sun?

Well the answer is all to do with the tourbillon movement. Tourbillon means “whirlwind” in French. The complication was designed to compensate for the errors in accuracy in mechanical watches caused by gravity, although this was invented in 1795 and patented in 1801, when those that owned a watch carried it in their pocket and held it vertically, where gravity had more of an impact.

However, whether held vertically or worn on the wrist, a tourbillon has never been proven to actually increase the accuracy of a watch’s timekeeping.

What it does increase is the price of the watch because of the workmanship and chronographic skills needed to produce such a complicated piece of geometry and multilayered engineering in such tiny measurements and precise movements.

You’re paying for the excellence in design, artistry and mechanical brilliance.

To minimise the gravitational effect, the balance has been placed in a specially designed, rotating cage. This device enables the balance and inhibition to revolve around themselves, making them independent of the position of the watch.

This explains why it’s so expensive. However, there are other considerations.

This modest Swiss family business – which was launched in Lucerne in 1888 – has grown into an internationally renowned brand with its own worldwide chain of stores.

The watch comes in 18-carat rose gold and has a double-sided anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal face. It is water-resistant up to 30 metres (3atm), with a diameter of 41.8 millimetres and a height of 12.58mm.

It is hand-wound with a circular cut-out in the dial at 6 o’clock offering a view onto the moving heart of the tourbillon. The date is shown with a third hand.

q&a good times at the high end

Sascha Moeri, chief executive of Carl F Bucherer, tells Andrew Scott more about the Manero Tourbillon:

How many of the pieces do you expect to sell in the UAE?

The UAE is an important and very promising market of the brand’s future. We have already successfully grown production from 6,500 in 2009 to over 20,000 pieces today, and we expect further growth. The brand is stocked in Rivoli stores across the UAE but availability for this watch is on request.

Has the brand designed any similar models?

Due to its outstanding technology and design, the Manero Tourbillon is a very unique piece. It is an example of absolute perfection and sophisticated craftsmanship. Thus, it’s hard to compare it with other timepieces. However, another model that shows the excellent skills in the art of watchmaking, is the Manero ChronoPerpetual. It provides a perpetual calendar with correction-free indication of the date, day of the week, month and moon phase. At Baselworld 2015, we launched a unique piece in white gold.

Is the high-end watch market still a growing business?

Current developments show that the future of high-quality products like Swiss timepieces looks very bright with the UAE’s growing popularity as a shopping destination for tourists. Not to forget the growing demand from domestic consumers.

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Published: May 20, 2015 04:00 AM


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