The women’s majlis: Don’t risk getting trim with steroids

Why would anyone subject their bodies to harmful elements to be toned or skinny?

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I've heard about males using steroids, but never females, until now. Who would subject their bodies to this to be toned or skinny? It surprises me. It all starts by wanting six-pack abdominal muscles.

Teenagers and steroids is a dangerous combo, especially because our small bodies can’t undergo everything we put them through.

Teenagers aspire to resemble fitness models in a short period of time, putting their bodies through whatever for fast results, without knowing the side effects, not knowing that their bodies won’t accept every chemical. Real results tend to take time, but no one wants to wait.

Individuals who take steroids tend to make poor decisions, have severe mood swings, act aggressively, suffer depression and paranoia, and thus become estranged from family members. Among ­females, it can result in severe acne, a deeper voice, irregular periods and excess facial/body hair. Steroids also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and some forms of cancer.

What girls who take them don’t know is that they can achieve similar results with endurance and exercise, without having to deal with the side effects. Vegetables such as mustard greens, cabbage and spinach are thought to help in building muscles and increasing physical performance.

I found a video on YouTube that shows a lady named Candice who used to be a pretty blonde, but changed into a hulking brunette with muscles and body hair on her back, chest and upper lip. Too much steroid use caused that. The side effects were severe, and she says: “If I was to try to reverse that, I’d need the same sort of procedures as a male becoming a woman.” People should take such real-life incidents as lessons to be learnt from.

In the end, who doesn’t want to have Jillian ­Michael’s abs or be toned? I’m all in when it comes to fitness, but I have limits to my fitness obsessions, and do it the right way. I’m also starting to see my results, so no one should give up. It takes patience, and the ones who wait get the ­rewards.

We all know we can’t achieve a fit body without exercise and hard work. With steroids, you may see superficial results, but the consequences will show later on. Those who use such substances should stop and instead do it the healthy way. You’ll eventually reach your goals, in a longer time period, and you won’t have to deal with the side effects.

I don’t get why anyone would risk their body for something that they can achieve with a little hard work. Remember, while you’re risking your life, there’s someone less fortunate out there who is just wishing for a healthy body to live in.

* Shamma AlMarri

Shamma AlMarri, 19, is a second-year student at Zayed University Dubai, majoring in international affairs.

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